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Angular 6 Project Structure

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Angular 6 Project Structure

This is a beginner’s tutorial, so we’re not going to do a deep dive into every file. All that’s important for you to understand are the absolute basics.

When you view the folder and file structure of your Angular 6 app, it should look something similar to this:

> e2e
> node_modules
> src
  > app
    ...a bunch of files
...a bunch of files

You’re going to spend most of your time working within the /src/app folder. This is where components and services are stored (we’ll get to those shortly).

In the /src/ folder itself, you will see an index.html (the apps entry point) and a styles.css file, which is where any global CSS rulesets are placed.

The /src/assets folder is where you place any assets such as graphics.

Not present right now is a /dist/ folder, which is generated when you build the project, which we’ll do later on.

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