Smooth infinite scrolling using VueJS scroll

Smooth infinite scrolling using VueJS scroll

In this Post We Will Explain About is Smooth infinite scrolling using VueJS scroll With Example and Demo.Welcome on – Examples, The best For Learn web development Tutorials,Demo with Example! Hi Dear Friends here u can know to javascript – Scroll to bottom of div with Vue.js Example

In this post we will show you Best way to implement VueJS implementation of infinite scrolling, hear for Vue-infinite-loading An infinite scroll plugin for Vue.js with Download .we will give you demo,Source Code and examples for implement Step By Step Good Luck!.

Getting Started for Smooth infinite scrolling using VueJS scroll

We have used CDN(libes) for Vuejs so you must need Your internet Data connection for them to work on Smooth infinite scrolling using VueJS scroll.


This is the main HTML view of our Simple Web Application. In here, we have init Base declared all our simple my this LiveDemo(Smooth infinite scrolling using VueJS scroll) dependencies and the HTML Elements that we have created.

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<div id="liveApp">
   <transition name="live24u fade">
      <div class="preloader" v-if="!show">
         <span class="live24u loader"></span>

   <section class="live24u section">
      <transition name="slide-fade">
         <div class="live24u content" v-if="show">
            <h1 class="live24u title is-1">Smooth infinite scrolling using VueJS scroll.</h1>
            <h2 class="subtitle is-4">See <a target="_blank" href="">Smooth infinite scrolling using VueJS scroll</a> question at</h2>
            <article class="box" v-for="recordobj in listeds" :key="" v-if="listeds">
               <h1 v-text="recordobj.title"></h1>
               <div v-html="recordobj.content"></div>
            <transition name="fade-slow">
               <div class="notification is-info" v-if="end">
                  <p>No more Data!</p>





This contains our simple custom index.js files Add Like as javascript, vuejs scripts

let liveData = `<p>vuejs scroll to element,vuejs scroll to top,vuejs scrollbar,vue js scroll to anchor,vue js scroll event,vuejs scrolltop,vue js scrollspy,vuejs scroll animation,vuejs scrollmagic,vuejs scrollbehavior</p><p>vue infinite scroll,vue scrollbar,vue2 scrollbar,vue-infinite-loading,v-infinite-scroll,vue scroller,vue-infinite-scroll demo,npm vue-infinite-scroll</p><p>vuejs scroll,vuejs scroll to,vuejs scroll bar,vuejs scroll to position,vuejs scroll reveal,vuejs scroll down,vuejs scroll into view</p><p>vuejs infinite scroll,vuejs scroll listener,vue js scroll to top,vue js scroll to element,vue js scroll to bottom,vuejs on scroll,vuejs scroll position,vuejs scroll to div,vuejs scroll to top of page</p>`;

const liveApp = new Vue({
   el: "#liveApp",
   data: {
      show   : false, 
      offset : 5,     
      display: 3,    
      trigger: 300,
      items  : [],    
      end    : false, //true or false
   computed: {
      listeds() {
         return this.items.slice(0, this.display);
   methods: {
      scroll() {
         window.onscroll = ev => {
            if (
               window.innerHeight + window.scrollY >=
               (document.body.offsetHeight - this.trigger)
            ) {
               if (this.display < this.items.length) {
                  this.display = this.display + this.offset;
               else {
                  this.end = true;
      fetch() {
         window.setTimeout(() => {
            this.items = [
               { id: 1, title: "LiveDemo 1", content: liveData },
               { id: 2, title: "LiveDemo 2", content: liveData },
               { id: 3, title: "LiveDemo 3", content: liveData },
               { id: 4, title: "LiveDemo 4", content: liveData },
               { id: 5, title: "LiveDemo 5", content: liveData },
               { id: 6, title: "LiveDemo 6", content: liveData },
               { id: 7, title: "LiveDemo 7", content: liveData },
               { id: 8, title: "LiveDemo 8", content: liveData },
               { id: 9, title: "LiveDemo 9", content: liveData },
               { id: 10, title: "LiveDemo 10", content: liveData },
               { id: 11, title: "LiveDemo 11", content: liveData },
               { id: 12, title: "LiveDemo 12", content: liveData },
               { id: 13, title: "LiveDemo 13", content: liveData },
               { id: 14, title: "LiveDemo 14", content: liveData },
               { id: 15, title: "LiveDemo 15", content: liveData },
               { id: 16, title: "LiveDemo 16", content: liveData },
               { id: 17, title: "LiveDemo 17", content: liveData },
               { id: 18, title: "LiveDemo 18", content: liveData },
   = true;
         }, 2000);
   mounted() {
   created() {


Last step, we have add the Following CSS styles for our simple and our Custom styling.

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#liveApp {
   max-width: 700px;
   margin-left: auto;
   margin-right: auto;

Vue Loop – Infinite scrolling

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