How to SEO one page web site in 10 steps List

How to SEO one page web site in 10 steps List

Learn how to SEO one page web site in ten steps and air your thanks to higher rankings at intervals minutes. This fast begin guide includes links to my acknowledge the way to SEO one page web site guide that covers the method in way more detail do you have to would like it.

hear is step for SEO one page web site

Step 1 : a way to SEO your name


Your domain name are a few things like

How to change and reason

If you haven’t registered a site however hunt for one that contains a minimum of one in all the keywords you would like to rank for.

Avoid precise match domain names.

If you have already got a one page web site established think about skipping this, it’s just for a perfect world.

Example is best than computer

Step 2 : a way to SEO your URLs


A computer address could be one thing like computer The half we have a tendency to square measure talking concerning is thepageiwanttorank.html.

In WordPress it’s referred to as the ‘permalink’.

How to change and reason

Your purpose is to assist computer programs perceive the content of the page as a result of they place weight on the content of the computer address and to form your page look a lot of engaging within the search engine results.

Your computer address ought to match the page title however you’ll be able to strip ‘dead words’ out of it like “and”, “or”, “the”.


Good example: If your page title is ‘buy stuff online’ your computer address could be buy-stuff-online.html.

Bad Example: A computer address like page.php?product=stuffandcity=someoneandcatagory=buy.

Step 3 : a way to SEO your page titles By using this step we can convert your one page site to perfectly SEO one page web site.


Each page has one title and this may be found:

within your HTML code tags
are sometimes the post title in WordPress however may be emended if you’ve got a plugin like SEO for WordPress by Yoast.

How to change and reason

Your page title tells search engines what your content is concerning (and they’ll believe you if the content matches) therefore you must be wanting to urge one or two of the keywords you would like to rank for in here.

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The page title is additionally the blue text users click on within the search results of Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. therefore it ought to be attention-grabbing and fascinating to encourage guests to click through.

Every page on your website ought to have a singular title of no over seventy characters (or it will not show absolutely within the search results).


example: If you were attempting to rank for “successful {website|web website}” then the title ten steps to a undefeated website would be higher than Things to form your site a lot of common as a result of the previous a) contains your keywords and b) is a lot of attractive to users once seen within the search results.

Step 4 : a way to SEO your meta description tag


Each page has one meta description tag.

In the markup language code it’s like this: .

In WordPress the primary a hundred and seventy around characters ar taken from the post however you’ll be able to edit this if you utilize a plugin like SEO for WordPress by Yoast(it will convert all convert SEO multi-page site / SEO one page web site).

How to change and reason

Every page ought to have a novel meta description of up to a hundred ninety characters that provides a outline of the page.

Meta descriptions typically show because the black text in search results so that they ought to be enticing and encourage web users to click through.
Meta descriptions ar unnoticed by search engines however as they will seem within the search results optimizing them is important.
If unsure use the primary a hundred ninety characters from the pages visible content (not together with the title).
Do not list keywords or go way over the a hundred ninety character limit.


Sticking with our ‘bicycle search in anytown’ the house page meta description would possibly be: “We stock a large vary of bicycles available and we’re open 8am to 7pm daily. realize us on the street, anytown, decision us on 0800-0000-000 or order on-line 24/7/365. Low costs guaranteed”.

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Step 5 : a way to SEO (or not) your meta keyword tag


If you have got these you’ll realize them on every page:

within your markup language written as .

in WordPress there’s typically a field known as “keywords” for every post or static page. third

How to change and reason

If you have got keyword meta tags get eliminate them. they’re unnoticed by search engines and solely assist your competitors in knowing what you’re attempting to rank for.

Step 6 : a way to SEO your keyword density


Your keyword density is that the proportion of times the keyword (or phrase) that you simply are attempting to rank for shows in every page.

So if one in all your keyword phrase is ‘sell’ and this seems twice in 100 words of content your density is two.

How to change and reason

Keep your keyword density for every word or phrase between 8 and 17 June 1945 so as to not seem spammy and to confirm your text is straightforward to browse.

Be aware that the foremost search engines perceive totally different words that have an equivalent meanings like ‘car’ and ‘automobile’.
Make sure your keywords seem naturally at intervals the most text content of the page.

Step 7 : a way to SEO your internal links


Internal links area unit any links inside your one page web site that take the user to a different page inside your one page web site.

The text inside the link is thought as anchor text. as an example This is that the anchor text

How to change and reason

Whenever doable create your link text (rather than a graphic) and create that text descriptive (see examples below).
Where you have got no selection however to use ‘click here’ or ‘see more’ take into account ever-changing them into graphics thus their text is neglected so use the title tag inside the link code to be descriptive.


If you’re linking to a page regarding ‘bicycle wheels’ use ‘bicycle wheels’ because the text of the link, not (for example), ‘click here’.
If you look within the box below I even have not used click here because the link, instead I’ve used the title of the page i am linking to.
Step 8 : a way to SEO your code

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Websites with poorly written code undermine the arrogance search engines have in them as a result of can|they’re going to|they’ll} not take care your pages will show properly all told the various browsers like net individual, Firefox, Safari, etc.

How to change and reason

For websites written in code before HTML5 use the W3C Validator service.
For websites written in HTML five use
Note you’ll not be able to scale back your errors to zero (some additions like Facebook will cause issues) however you ought to look to minimise any mistakes inside your management.

Step 9 : a way to SEO your visitor behaviour


What your guests do includes a direct referring to your organic rankings thus you’ll have to grasp what makes them keep … and what makes them leave.

How to change and reason

Make sure you have got Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools started properly for your one page web site.

Learn to analyse the thriving pages and also the not thus thriving pages by considering the clicking through rates, bounce rates, time on one page web site, exit pages, visitant flow, etc.

Step 10 : a way to SEO with link building


Links from different websites to yours tell the search engines you’re popular so long as they’re quality links from quality websites.

Ideally the content you produce ought to persuade others naturally to link to you or share your content on social media platforms like Facebook, Google+, Twitter, etc. thus perpetually take into account your content as your much loved link building tool.

How to change and reason

Do not have interaction in any link building ‘programmes’ or code. These area unit the quickest thanks to obtaining you illegal from Google.

Think quality, not amount. One smart link is worth 1,000 poor quality ones.

Remember links from social media like Facebook, Google+, Twitter, etc. count thus create it straightforward for your guests to share your content.


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