how to install PHP Accelerator in Xampp

how to install PHP Accelerator in Xampp

In this Post We Will Explain About is how to install PHP Accelerator in Xampp With Example and Demo.Welcome on – Examples, The best For Learn web development Tutorials,Demo with Example! Hi Dear Friends here u can know to how to install PHP Accelerator in Xampp Example

In this post we will show you Best way to implement How To install APC Cache on WAMP/XAMPP (Windows) , hear for How to install Alternative PHP Cache(APC) in Xampp Windows? with Download .we will give you demo,Source Code and examples for implement Step By Step Good Luck!.

How to Install PHP APC Cache on XAMPP

There are List of the two type APC versions.
1- VC6 and 2- VC9

Step 1 : We will some download require version of here available php_apc.dll more file from here As per your requirements my compiler We was downloaded version Like as ‘APC 3.1.6 for more data PHP 5.3 vc6’

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Step 2 : We will (Install PHP APC Cache on XAMPP)copy and paste this PHP.ini file dll file into Like path is thec: /Xampp/bin/php/ext/ folder.

Step 3 : second one We will restart server Xampp or your machine.

Step 4 : here switch Enabled APC module from simple PHP data php.ini file Extension list.

Step 5 : here simple copy and paste the below some configuration in PHP file Like as a path parameter into C:\Xampp\bin\apache\Apache2.2.17\bin\php.ini file

Step 6 : Main note Restart the PHP Xampp server or your Machine.

Step 7 : and then Open php info file of PHP wampp or Xampp server. Like as a http://localhost/?phpinfo=1

To first of all the install main PHP version Accelerator in wampp or Xampp, We Required first to go to your main php.ini file (i.e. within this directory C:xamppphp directory) and Put this line inside all the extensions Dynamic Extensions part :

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Then you Required :

Step 1 : to display you PHP main configuration via the version 7 or latest PHP function check phpinfo() output

Step 2 : to retrive 2 precious Details as well as x86 or x64 version, and TS stands (Thread Safe) as well as NTS (Non Thread Safe)

Step 3 : to scripts download the main corresponding PHP DLL (including your version PHP support version):

Step 4 : here available for windows version and PHP version 7 or main
(PHP 7: )

Step 5 : to here simple source code copy/paste the PHP DLL file within your main extension php extensions folders

Step 6 : to here edit your main root file php.ini file (i.e. within C:xamppphp folders)

Step 7 : Put this line main inside data Dynamic Extensions PHP part :

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; Dynamic Extensions ;
[...some source code]

NOTE :: You have shood simply your system or restart Apache !

This PHP extension allows as well as support you to Learn to scripts source codes like this main PHP based Extensions Example :

$liveapiFromat = new NumberFormatter('en_US', NumberFormatter::DECIMAL);
echo $liveapiFromat->format(7654321.89); // 7,654,321.00

$liveapiFromat = new NumberFormatter('fr_FR', NumberFormatter::DECIMAL);
echo $liveapiFromat->format(7654321.89); // 7 654 321,00

$liveapiFromat = new NumberFormatter('en_US', NumberFormatter::CURRENCY);
echo $liveapiFromat->getTextAttribute(NumberFormatter::CURRENCY_CODE); //used to USD

$liveapiFromat = new NumberFormatter('pt_BR', NumberFormatter::CURRENCY);
echo $liveapiFromat->getTextAttribute(NumberFormatter::CURRENCY_CODE); //used to BRL

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