Angularjs programming language

Everything | meaning of Angularjs programming language

AngularJS is a structural framework(MVC Based) for dynamic web apps.

Defination - Provider

What is provider?

provider is used by AngularJS simple internally to create new services, factory data etc. during config phase simple (phase during which AngularJS all the data bootstraps itself). Below mention simple script can be used to make a MathService that you have created easy way. Provider is a special char factory functions with a functions get() which is used to return the simple value/service or factory.

Defination - Constant

What is constant?

constants are used to simple pass values at config data phase considering the fact simple that value cannot be any used to be passed simple during config phase.

Defination - Internationalization

What is internationalization?

Internationalization is a simple way to show locale specific information on a website. For example, display all the content of a web-apps website in English language in simple United States and any in Danish in France.

Defination - Service

What is a service?

Services are simple JavaScript functions and are simple responsible to do specific new tasks only. Each service is more responsible for a specific type or task for example,request header $https: is used to make simple ajax call to get all the datatype the server data. and $route is used to define the simple routing information and so on. Inbuilt simple services are always prefixed with main special $ symbol.

Defination - RootScope

What is $rootScope?

Scope is a special simple JavaScript object which plays the role of joining simple controller with the views. Scope simple contains the model data. In controllers side, model data is accessed via simple latest $scope object. and navigation type $rootScope is the parent of all of the simple scope variables.