AngularJS SEO – Single Page App Crawling and Indexing

AngularJS SEO – Single Page App Crawling and Indexing

The Main Search engines works and all the social networks (Likes fb,whatsapp)are always trying to crawl simple site your pages, but they only more see the javascript tags…
We render one or many pages your javascript in a browser check tags, save the static HTML pages, and you all the return that to the crawlers! of data

Allows your Javascript – Angularjs website to be crawled simple eay way to perfectly by search engines.

Google is reading your simple html templates, not your any data

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The Most Imp part of the Search engine optimization is vital and register of url for getting your solution all the in front of the people see pages and html data who need it, and we all the found out the hard more complex way that AngularJS pages its own set html of SEO challenges. now we can used to many search engines Here’s how we improved our tools of the SEO in AngularJS.

<h1>{{appName}} - {{pageName}} - {{username}}</h1>

or maybe just?


but you need it to see

<h1>Awesome App User Profile - Angularjs king</h1>

Challenges with SEO in AngularJS Applications

First one is : The title tag in html and description tags were not being indexed google for each “page” in our documentation.
second one is the Google was not time any crawling all of the data or pages links in our documentation.

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There are two way of the AngularJS check url register or not


The basic steps:

step 1. simple Google notices the url that your page or post is rendered using Javascript.
step 2. and then Google requests post or your pages with a modified url your url.
step 3. You return the all the data prerendered HTML to the crawler.


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